We're passionate about new media and new ways to deliver messaging. More messages are now sent between digital natives inside social networks than on email. With the top ten websites now being networks; social media are becoming a key interactive target for marketers; Bloggers can be a channel of choice for timeliness, accuracy, relevance.

If your company’s idea of being on the web is to have a website, you should consider whether you can afford not to engage consumers and stakeholders via online social communities to build trust and reputation, stimulate interest in brand and product messages, capitalise on marketing trends, and address advocacy participation.

Deliverables range from customised websites and search optimisation, to online CSR, social media campaigning, blogger engagement and outreach, to Internet TV.

Services we offer, include:

  • corporate /product website design; redesign and enhancement
  • customised topic & event websites and online CSR
  • blogger outreach & engagement
  • social media campaigning
  • interactive marketing
  • rich media solutions: streaming audio and video
  • commercial portals
  • multimedia/video, interactive CD-ROMs
  • 3D animation / broadcast TV content and internet TV management systems